About FJA

Looking for support, accountability, inspiration and motivation from like minded individuals? 

Financial Joy Academy (FJA) is a platform that we have created to help families achieve Financial Independence.

It is suitable for you if you are an employee or self-employed but face some of the huge challenges that couples and parents (single or not) face with trying to manage their finances to create a dream life.

We are super passionate about the family unit and have made it our core mission to help 10,000 families achieve Financial Independence in this new decade.

We’ve got your back!

We are well aware of how challenging it can be to achieve this goal having achieved Financial Independence ourselves by the age of 34 and with two kids.

Some of those challenges you face today likely include…

  • Living paycheck to paycheck on a low income,
  • Doing the middle class life and running the great rat race,
  • Being overburdened by mortgage and credit card debts,
  • Trying to raise children with ever increasing costs as children grow,
  • Following the Joneses because you only have one life and should enjoy it now,
  • Stressed, overworked and tired all the time because the 9 to 5 pays the bills,
  • Fearful of losing your job and with expenses left, right and center,
  • Confused and lacking in knowledge, time and ideas to make more money,
  • Lacking in motivation and inspiration to start that business or chase your dreams.

That list continues…

Many people are in exactly this position and most of them have no hope that the future could ever be better.

We were in this position too years ago, until we started to make certain hard decisions in our lives that were counter cultural.

In addition, we focused relentlessly on Personal Development and experienced a radical change in our money mindsets over time.

That journey took us from making one income fearfully, to becoming mortgage free (in 7 years), achieving Financial Independence in 10 years whilst also making an income from more than 12 multiple different streams.

Making the right decisions over time, focusing on growth and surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals has given us a life that our parents never had.

We have been able to achieve this even with me being a First Generation immigrant and Mary being born into a low income household in Hackney, London.

This has not only changed our lives but also changed the fortunes of our young children who already have more money aged 5 and 7 than we did at the age of 21!

Today we are passionate about serving our communities and helping others do what we have done.

This is why we have spent years creating Free content on our blog and YouTube channel and now taking things to a whole new level with the FJA Membership programme.


We believe that you can apply what we have learned and achieve Financial Independence faster than the 10 years it took us.

Here is what you will get from our membership:

  • Fortnightly Live Group Coaching from me and Mary. These are “Ask Me Anything” sessions and sometimes include a Guest Expert.
  • ALL Courses (present and future) and accompanying Action Plans
  • Monthly Expert Masterclasses covering niche subject areas such as investing, online business models, property investing, marketing, etc.
  • Private Dream Maker Community of like minded people from diverse backgrounds, who are all working together to achieve Financial Independence.
  • Networking benefits through personal interactions online and offline with other community members.
  • Practical Accountability through our member pairings to inspire and motivate each other. Plus our Financial Joy Challenges, designed to encourage members to work together to achieve a specific goal over a period of time.
  • Ongoing Motivation and Inspiration from a truly unique and talented community of people with the right heart to help you succeed.

Please read our FAQs before joining FJA.

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Ken's Story

I emigrated to the UK from Lagos in 1998 as a 14 year old with my parents and siblings.

We lived in one single room in North London and life seemed pretty impossible. Money was non-existent and we also did not have the “papers” to do normal jobs.

Years of living under the radar and beneath the poorest of UK society was soul destroying. As time passed, we started to take risks as a family.

When you have no options but to create an opportunity to survive, you’d do anything to make a living. We started creating small businesses as a way to make some money. Everything from a cleaning company to a niche recruitment business. As we made some money, we started to reinvest that money into other assets or businesses.

Over time, we had salons, nail bars, nurseries and even a magazine publishing business. Parallel to all this, I focused relentlessly on my education.

I scraped through my GCSEs as a new immigrant and worked hard to make decent A-Levels (A, B and C in Maths, Chemistry and Biology).

This led me down the path of a degree in Economics and Accountancy at City, University of London. 3 years of hard work and I got a top First Class Degree with Honours.

That result led me to begin training as a Chartered Accountant with a top 10 UK firm. Continued learning led me up the ranks from a junior accountant to a Chief Financial Officer in Financial Services.

Along the way, I also picked up an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Whilst doing all this, I continue to apply my learning to my personal life and after I met Mary in 2009, we set off on our journey together to Financial Independence.

It has been a rollercoaster ride of career development, business startups, income growth and asset acquisition.

Thinking back to 20 years ago when I started from nowhere, I could never have predicted the life I have today.

In April 2020, I quit my 6-figure corporate job and started living the live we’ve always dreamt about. 

I’m in complete control of my time and income and enjoy spending time with our children, building our marriage, travelling and running our lifestyle business .

This is the lifestyle I’m now helping other choose and design their lives to achieve.

Mary's Story

Mary is one of four children, the last born child and only girl in the family.

She was born into a tough neighbourhood in Hackney, London and lived there for 27 years of her life until she met Ken and they got married.

Mary attended Brunel University, where she did a degree in Multimedia Design and Technology.

During her placement year, she got a taste for business and designed websites and created brand elements for clients.

She went on to work in media within production creating multimedia resources for the education sector.

After a couple of years, she moved on to work in a large corporate for a Top 5 accountancy firm as an E-Business Analyst.

All these experiences have kept her fascinated by tech. She is a creative at heart and is skilled at all things digital.

Mary took the big leap when she got pregnant with our first son to retrain and manage one of our family nurseries.

She got thrown into the deep end and for 5 years learnt everything there is to know about how to run a nursery business.

Those business skills coupled with her digital skills have given her a solid skill set now working from home in charge of all creative work for The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy.

Life today looks very different to Mary’s childhood having been born not too long after her parents emigrated to the UK.

She was born into a low income and hardworking home and has always had to fight for her place.

Mary grew up a dreamer and always wanted a totally different life to the one that she grew up with.

Today, she is living a version of that life she has always wanted and continues to be an inspiration to me and our children.

Her wisdom, positive life outlook, talents and belief in a better future have helped to shape the life that we enjoy today.

One of the best things about being Financially Independent is having the location independence to live life the way we want.

We work 20 – 30 hours per week from anywhere in the world  as a result of creating multiple income streams that support us from various investments.