Day 2 Task

Today we’re going to be gaining full clarity on what value you bring such that people can pay you for it .

For many people, this is the hardest part on the journey to rocketing their income because:

i) Many people just don’t know what value they have to offer. Or

ii) They have too many things going in their lives and they have no focus.

One thing I’d love for you to do is not get so stuck on trying to answer these that you do not carry on to the other days of the course.

My HUGE recommendation is to answer these questions as best as you can.

DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT! This is the thinking .

Remember, this document that you’re completing is not just a form. It’s a Personalised Plan that you’re creating, which is completely tailored to you.

And one that you’ll be acting on in order to ROCKET YOUR INCOME. So this stage of the process is exciting and important.

You’ll notice that when you look at today’s questions, they are split into 2 main categories.

You only need to complete one of the 2 categories.

The first category is for those who are employees and have a side hustle.

If you fall into that category, simply read the questions in the workbook and complete it.

Note that if your side hustle or business offers different products or services, in order to get the best out of this challenge, I’d like you to simply focus on just one product or service.

Choose the one that offers the most value to your customers or the one that you’re most excited about.

The second category is for those who are employees and don’t have a side hustle or business but would like one.

We’ve outlined the questions for you and most importantly, created a really fun quiz for you to help you decide what type of online business is most suited to you and your lifestyle.

So don’t miss it! 👊🏽

In the next step we will look at focusing on how you market that value that you gained clarity on, so that you can get discovered and get paid.

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