Task for Day 3

Download the DAY 3 workbook here

Now let’s dive into today’s challenge, which is all about your Discovery and Marketing.

About 3 years ago I created my first ever digital product and it took me about 3 months to create it! 😅

In my mind, I knew what I was creating and what value it would create for our audience.

I’d spent all that time creating it and on my chosen day, I went live and… Nothing happened. Complete silence!😳

People did not buy and I was deeply disappointed because I didn’t know why.

I took a few months to do a post mortem of what had happened whilst seeking advice from others who were more experienced than I was, and it became clear what was missing.

In order to generate sales and make sales, there are 5 important ingredients that you need:

  1. A Product or Service people need
  2. Visibility
  3. A Clear Message
  4. Build Trust with your ideal customer
  5. A Sales System

Today we’re going to dive into these and more for your i) side hustle/online business and ii) your job!