Next Steps

How about this –

Every month, we could send you a step-by-step Action Plan to help you Rocket Your Income and Build Your Wealth.

For example, one month I could send you an Action Plan to help you “Decide What Business To Start”,

Another month I could send you one to help you “Rocket Your Social Media Following” and

Then another month I could send you one for “How To Monetise Your Expertise” etc.

In short, it will look exactly like we’ve been working together over the last 5 days…

Except it will be a lot less intense as we’d send you these Action Plans once a month to help you Rocket Your Income and Build Your Wealth. Does this sound like it would help you truly grow your income and your wealth?

It gets even better 😊.

What I just outlined to you is what Mary and I offer our Dream Makers inside Financial Joy Academy.

Every month, not only do we send them a Step-by-step Action Plan to make this income and wealth building journey super easy.

We designed things this way because this is exactly what we wished that we had when we were building our wealth plan as a family and working towards creating multiple income streams.

Now, what if you think what I just mentioned is not enough and you need more direct help every so often? 🤔

What if we met up for a Coaching Session every 2 weeks?

Would that help you take action and get results? YES, of course!

You can probably guess what I’m about to say – Coaching you every 2 weeks is also included inside what we offer you at Financial Joy Academy!

A group coaching session every 14 days!

We get together on a LIVE zoom call face to face and Mary and I answer everyone’s questions with even slots for Q&A.

But there are 2 more things that you need to consistently stay motivated, supported and encouraged to rocket your income and grow your wealth 🚀.

We’ve built this into the programme too.

Supportive Community – We have a truly supportive and thriving community of Dream Makers who have a similar mindset and also on the same journey as you to Rocket Their Incomes and Build Wealth together.

Here you can ask any questions and get answers from members with different expertise and those at different stages of the journey including complete beginners.

We are in that community too and have a community manager who is also there with us to make sure that you’re supported and looked after.

You can also connect and network with some many other Dream Makers, make friends and have fun on this income and wealth building journey.

Accountability – We also help to keep you accountable daily, weekly fortnightly and quarterly via our 5am Club, weekly small goals sharing and small wins celebrations, fortnightly coaching calls and quarterly Accountability Partnership pairings and progress reports.

In addition to all of the above, you can access all our past, present and future Action Plans (courses) without paying anything extra.

We offer all of this inside Financial Joy Academy for a small price.

Everything that we offer within Financial Joy Academy is worth over £5,000 by itself, but we want this to be super affordable and accessible to you.

1 hour of coaching with us alone would cost you over £1,000 – and that’s without everything that I mentioned above.

To help you stay committed, get the help, encouragement and support to truly Rocket Your Income FAST AND grow your wealth, we’d like to welcome you to join Financial Joy Academy.

Check out the SPECIAL RATE that we are offering our membership for a very limited time and grab it now whilst it is still there because I think you’ll be really pleasantly surprised 😊. All we now need is your commitment over the next 6 months to TRULY Rocket Your Income.