My Story

A few years ago, I used to run a small tuition business as a side hustle.

It was providing good value to families and generated an income each hour that a student was being tutored.

I enjoyed doing it, but there was an issue.

Although I poured hours and hours behind the scenes into running it, there was a cap on how much income I could make.

I could only ever generate an income when someone shows up AND the capacity for my tutoring was capped out by how many students we could teach in a specific room 😤.

This meant that although I was making money, I could only break even and we barely made £20k per year!

A lot of the money I made was used to pay rent for the room and also to pay for tutors that were helping us.

Talk about working too many hours for too little a return.

Now fast forward to a few years and we are running an online business as complete beginners.

The profit margins are more than 50% per month and each month we now easily bring in around £20k per month (of biz income and growing) and I’m typically working between 15 and 30 hours per month, supported by a handful of freelancers.

(Just being transparent to make the point below. We reinvest a lot of this into team and bits of tech) 😊

So essentially, we are now making at least 10 times what we made only a few years ago with around the same number of hours per month and even fewer in some months.

The type of side hustle or business that you focus on matters.

Over the next 5 lessons, I’m going to be showing you how to rocket your income, so that you’re not only earning more, but you’re doing it without burn out! Just like I have been able to do!

And can I just say, this small seed that you’re sowing now over these 5 lesson says is gonna be sooo worth it.

So let’s make it happen and ROCKET YOUR INCOME!

Do everything you can to get through ALL the 5 lessons! 😀