Bonus Masterclass

Before we dive into the tasks for today, I want to take a moment to talk to you about an important BONUS MASTERCLASS that I’m going to teach on Day 3 of the 5 Day Challenge.

This bonus masterclass is where we will take a deep dive into 5 passive income ideas that helped us turn The Humble Penny into a 6-figure business to the point where it simply allowed me to quit my job and do it full time.

If you have dreams of making anything between £1,000 per month and £10,000 per month in extra income, then this is one not to miss!

I will break things down very simply and teach you exactly what you need to take action and begin making that level of income over time.

Don’t miss the BONUS MASTERCLASS. The link will be included in your workbook for tomorrow and for the rest of the challenge..